Meet The Board

Meet the SFMI Board

Left to right: James Lucas, Dave Kercher, Dick York, Brian Martell, David Martell, Web Loy, Frank Stangel, James Bonner, Ed Newby, Skip Voetberg, Jack Ring, Richard McDaniel, Torry Rockwood, Jim Miller

Dick York, Founder of SFMI

Dick York | Founder

Most things that happened 58 years ago have faded into the twilight of the distant past – but not all. Some are too directly connected to the future. One thing that remains as vivid today as when it happened on December 1, 1950 is my experience of being born ...

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Richard McDaniel, Vice President of SFMI

Richard McDaniel | President

Life began in Japan for me, as my parents were missionaries. As a child, I was raised in the Scriptures through my home, the ministry, and Christian school. Throughout my youth, I had a desire to serve God, and I requested baptism ...

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Frank Stangel

Frank Stangel | Vice-President

My name is Frank Stangel. I am married to my lovely wife, Virginia, and we have three daughters. I grew up in a home that believed that God was the God of the Bible, but alcohol was the lifestyle of our father. It was a turbulent life with abuses and ...

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Torry Rockwood, SFMI Treasurer

Torry Rockwood | Treasurer

Click here to listen to Torry share his testimony.


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Jim Miller, Secretary of the Board at SFMI

Jim Miller | Secretary

I was born and raised a Catholic and attended seven years of Catholic seminary. In 1968 problems surrounded my life when I left the seminary in July, enrolled in a public college, and continued my education with a military deferral. In the fall of 1968 ...


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Skip Voetberg

Skip Voetberg | Board Member

I remember at an early age my Dad sitting us kids down many times and telling us about creation and how God had sent His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins. So, early on there was a knowledge of and a relationship with the Lord developing in me, immature as it was.

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Ed Newby

Ed Newby | Board Member

Among my earliest memories are my parents taking me to Sunday school and church. As a consequence, I heard the gospel at an early age and intellectually believed it but did not spiritually embrace it. When I was twelve years old, I went forward at ...

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Jack Ring

Jack Ring | Board Member

It was a night in 1967, and I had come to an end – one of several that would mark my life. I was twenty two and in my first year of medical school. Becoming a doctor was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. But I was at the end of a lifelong nightmare ...

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Larry Montgomery

Larry Montgomery | Board Member

Being raised in a non-Christian home, I had no church or Bible background. In my early teens, a friend invited me to attend Sunday school with him. I did for a few weeks and received a Bible. When my father frowned on this, I discontinued going. I was ungodly ...

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Dave Kercher

Dave Kercher | Board Member

I was born in Michigan, year 1951, into a staunch Roman Catholic family. I was sent to a Catholic school through the eighth grade, and we faithfully attended Mass every Sunday morning. I remember, as a young boy, being very awestruck by the Liturgical ...

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James Bonner

James Bonner | Board Member

I was a young Christian when the Lord gave me a verse: Matt. 5:6, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” This was an encouragement to me because, as a young Christian, I desired to please the Lord by ...

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Brian Martell

Brian Martell | Board Member

I was born in Maine, lived in Newfoundland until age 9, and finished growing up in New Mexico. I grew up knowing that Jesus is the Son of God. I have always known this and thought that I was a Christian. At age 13 I was baptized along with my ...

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David Martell

David Martell | Board Member

The Lord, in His compassion, committed me to the care and nurturing of Brian and Peggy Martell, on December 27, 1968 as their firstborn and only son. Eighteen months later they had a daughter, Sherrie. In March of 1973 we moved to Washington State from ...

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