Meet The Board: Web Loy



Vice President


Web Loy, SFMI President




I grew up in a home where righteousness was connected with family honor (always told the truth, kept your word, did good to others, etc.). Religion of any sort was not discussed. I had attended a few Sunday School classes, but I can’t recall ever being in a church service. After I was married, my wife, Alga, went regularly to Sunday meetings. We lived close enough that she could walk. Sometimes I would take her and pick her up after church. Mostly I went hunting or fishing. My occupation at the time was photography; and my studio was located in downtown Bend, Oregon.

It was about this time that my younger brother Mel asked me the question,”What is the reason for your existence?” He never gave me the answer and said I should “figure it out for myself.” Many had preached to me, but I didn’t pay any attention to what they said. Nor do I recall anything that they said to me. Mel’s question, however, bothered me. I was about to turn 40, and I was in debt. I had a wife and five children. What was life all about? I picked up a book that I found at home, Evolution or Creation. (My wife, I learned later, had left it and others for me.) I read the first two chapters, and for the first time I was confronted the the reality that there was a Creator. I had always said that I believed in God, but now that became real to me. I was aware that the Bible said God created man. So the Bible must have the answer to my question. I picked up a Bible and began to read.

In Genesis I found that after Adam had eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he hid himself in the garden. Then God came looking for Adam. My impression at the time was that he and God were used to having conversation about the day’s work. Now Adam was afraid of God because he had sinned. I suddenly became aware that I was a sinner. While I had been created to have fellowship with God, I had never once talked to Him or given Him any place in my life.

It was at this time that God sent to me a man that explained the Gospel to me—how that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary and that the only begotten of God the Father died in my place on the Cross for my sin and now was risen from the dead that I might have fellowship with Him. For the first time I heard it. I surrendered my life to Jesus, asking Him to be real to me. I can still remember His first command, "Do not take the name of the Lord in vain." It wasn’t long until I realized that along with the command came the power to obey. I found myself tongue-tied, at times unable to speak. I then realized that I previously had a foul mouth, and this was the start of the new life that God promised in the Scriptures.

I now found that I enjoyed telling others about Jesus. I started testifying to my customers and others. My business prospered in spite of the fact that others said that my talking about Jesus would drive away customers. Over the years I have found Jesus to be faithful to all He has promised in the Scriptures.