Please note: Paypal charges 2.2% + $0.30 of each transaction and takes this amount for their service fees. The remainder of your donation (100%) will go to the person/ministry you are supporting.”

If you wish to mail a check, 100% of it will go directly to the person you are supporting.

Step 1.


After you click on the "Contribute" button (at the bottom of this page), you will be re-routed to our PayPal page.


Enter the amount you wish to send. (see image below)

Step 2.

If you are using a PayPal account to complete your transaction, skip down to Step 4.


If you do not wish to use a PayPal account to complete the transaction, select "Continue" in the section titled "Don't have a PayPal account?" (see image below.)



Step 3.

Enter your payment information, and click "Review Donation and Continue"


Step 4.

Double check your information, and click the "Donate Now" button. You will be given a confirmation number, and given the option to print a donation receipt. Click the "Return to Shield Of Faith Mission International" button to return to our website and complete the transaction.

Step 5.

To complete the transaction, e-mail us with the name of the person you would like the funds applied to.

Ready? Click this button.