Richard and Julie McDaniel
Serving in Bend, OR


May 2016


Greetings to all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
We are well into the year, and I want to get out some petitions for prayer. One unexpected turn of events was that our training program which was due to begin in March was suddenly canceled. The mission had sent out half a dozen or more applications, and we were anticipating a sufficient number of trainees to have the program. In the end, however, there was only one couple who committed to coming. Because of that, the mission decided to cancel for this year.
Ministry-wise I am occupied with several things locally. One is dealing with administrative and communication duties connected with my position with the mission. Then I have the weekly Bible study at the nursing home, which is really starting to be fruit-bearing in the lives of those who attend. We also do street evangelism twice a week which is making an impact on the downtown community.
For the last several months I've been teaching a series of studies on the NT church principles which are the pattern God has given us for the building of His church. Then there are the responsibilities of being an elder in the church. These are the normal routine aspect of daily ministry where we live, for which we covet your prayers.
The Shield of Faith Mission has accepted two new missionaries into the mission. They are both single men. Jorge Rodriguez is from Mexico and has worked alongside the Ball family in Aguascalientes and Loreto. Currently he is residing with his parents in Aguascalientes and helping with the ministry of the church there. The other brother is Jeff Anderson from Worland, Wyoming. He is also a friend of the Ball family, and that is how he learned of us. He has had some training at Frontier School of the Bible and been to Peru for language study. While in Peru, he joined himself to a ministry that is establishing independent churches in Arequipa and surrounding villages. His vision is to go back as a fulltime worker in the ministry. The mission asked Jeff to come to Bend and spend a couple of weeks with us for training/orientation. Our main concern was that he be compatible with the SFMI vision and understanding of NT church. For a full week, every morning I taught for 3 to 4 hours on NT church principles. There were three other men from our fellowship here which joined the teachings. I want to encourage your prayers for Jorge and for Jeff.
This year I will be participating in several believers’ conferences. The first one on the schedule is the SFMI Memorial Day conference. Dick York, Skip Voetberg and I have been assigned to speak. Then in June I will be going with Darrell Gish to Quebec, Canada. We will be ministering in two separate conferences over two consecutive weekends. The dates are June 18th thru the 26th. Finally, there is the Labor Day conference in NE Washington State. We take these speaking opportunities very seriously according to I Peter 4:11, endeavoring to “speak as the oracles of God.” Please keep these conferences in prayer and pray specifically that all who speak might be prepared of the Lord.
Several of us have been praying about having a team available to do street evangelism throughout the Northwest. I believe that the Lord has spoken to us about that, and we have made plans for the first event. Our plan is to go to Tacoma, Washington on June 2nd and evangelize for two days (the 3rd and 4th) somewhere in the city. The Wren family from Port Orchard area will be hosting us. On Sunday the 5th we will have fellowship with the Wrens and those with whom they meet. We hope to have a strong public testimony for the gospel and also to encourage the saints which we meet. Again, this is something which requires much prayer.
Many of you know that Dick and Darlene York have left their residence in Bend and are moving to Oklahoma. As you are reading this, they are probably en route somewhere in the USA. Their plan is to visit with various ones they know as they journey cross country. In some of these places they may be having meetings. Please keep them in prayer. This is a transitional time for them and necessary in part for health reasons. They will be situated close to family in the Tulsa vicinity.
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support over the months and years. We are grateful for the household of faith.
In His service, 
Richard (for the McDaniels)