Montgomery, Steve and Linda

~ Establishing churches in the “Circle of Silence” Atotonilco, Jalisco Mexico ~

Steve and Linda Montgomery

Steve came to Christ New Year’s Eve of 1969 at 19 years of age. Linda grew up in a Christian home and came to Christ in her childhood. They were married in 1972 and shortly after attended the Shield of Faith Missionary training program.

In 1976, while living in Walterville, Oregon, the Lord confirmed a call to Mexico through the leadership of the local church.

Moving to Guadalajara with their two small children in April of that year, they studied the language and began meeting with a group of believers that Jim and Fran Lucas had brought to Christ while living there.

After language school, Steve and Linda stayed in Guadalajara, establishing the church in the neighborhood where they lived and reaching out to the neighborhoods and communities with no church. During this time four more children were born.

The Montgomerys returned to the U.S. after 14 years in Mexico and settled in Dallas, Texas. After 10 years of meeting with Household of Faith, a congregation in the Dallas area, they returned to Mexico in 1999 commended by Household of Faith in cooperation with Shield of Faith Mission. They settled in Atotonilco el Alto, where the percentage of believers was 0.05%.

Currently they are serving with the church that has been established in Atotonilco and several daughter churches and outreaches in the surrounding area.