Have you considered attending an SFMI Seminar or scheduling one for your congregation?


The SFMI SEMINAR SERIES consists of 4 seminars covering Bible doctrines leading up to the Great Commission that Jesus gave to his apostles.


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1. God's Eternal Purpose


2. Renewing The Mind & Defining Discipleship


3. Spiritual Warfare


4. The Great Commission


Each seminar consists of 6 hours of teaching. They can be presented in any order that best addresses your need. There is a recommended order because they build on each other. Seminars can be held over a weekend, a series of evenings, or a retreat according to the desire or convenience of your congregation. Also, any of the seminars may be scheduled individually.


For further information, or to arrange for a seminar contact the SFMI office

at (541) 382-7081 or by email at