Seminar #2

Renewing the Mind & Defining Discipleship

A renewed mind and discipleship are prerequisites to fulfilling God's purpose in our daily pursuits.


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Hour One. The need for a renewed mind. Mindset is important.

Wrong impressions = wrong conclusions = wrong preparation.

Old Testament examples. New Testament warnings.




Hour Two. The command to renew the mind. Rom. 12:2. The history of conformity to this world system. Put off the old man, put on the new.





Hour Three. The cross in the believer's life. What is the cross? The cross in Jesus' life. The cross and the commission.



Hour Four. Defining discipleship. The importance of discipleship. Some are disqualified.




Hour Five. The lordship of Christ. Submission, the response to lordship. Exaltation, the result of submission. The source of authority and power.



Hour Six. The priesthood of Christ. Revealed in the Old Testament. New Testament fulfillment. What that is to the believer.