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Since its beginning the Shield of Faith has considered the work of the Lord a non-competitive arena; those who preach the true gospel are members of the same body, with the same head, proclaiming the same kingdom. They are neither competitors nor adversaries, but co-workers. However, we hold certain distinctive principles that we feel are important to preserve.

These  are the five distinctives (which can be read in full here):

  1. The New Testament Church Vision
  2. Verbal Inspiration of Scripture and the Unnecessity of Multiple Versions
  3. The Principle of Faith
  4. Defining the Missionary
  5. Disciple-making Resulting in Churches

Our original approach to the work and what we still teach in the training program involves five “steps,” namely: 1. Evangelism, 2. Follow-up, 3 Conferences, 4. Training, 5. Sending.

Conference Information

Northwest Winter Conference
January 13-16, 2023
Sunset Lake Camp
30811 Quinnon Rd.
Wilkeson, WA

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  • Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

    Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

    ~ Separated to the work in Columbia; South America ~ In the Spring of 2018 God brought to our attention the spiritual need of people along the coast of Colombia. Eight months later He directed us to go to Colombia ourselves. God’s direction was a significant re-direction for us and He has had many things […] Read more