Seminar #1 – God’s Eternal Purpose

This seminar is an overview of God’s plan from creation to eternity. It has proved an eye-opener to many who have heard it. It is so foundational, we have placed it first in our recommended order.

To follow along with the Slide Guide Workbook, CLICK HERE.

Hour One. An explanation of biblical faith based on our confidence in the immutable promises of God whose impeccable character makes it impossible for him to lie.


Hour Two. Foundational doctrine. Where did sin originate? The nature of Lucifer’s iniquity. The reason for creation. The nature of God. The image of God. The likeness of God. Was Adam the man in God’s Image? How it was before the fall? Why did God cast Satan down to Earth rather than some remote planet?

The Fall

Hour Three. The fall of man. The nature of Adam’s sin. Why is everything that issues from the fallen nature sin? The benefits of the fall.

The Law & Prophets

Hour Four. The last Adam. Why did Jesus come? Jesus nature. The reconciling work. The difference between reconciliation and salvation.

The New Covenant the Gospel

Hour Five. Regeneration. Diagramming the difference between the fallen man and the regenerate man.

The Present Life

Hour Six. The saving life of Christ. Partakers of his life. Partakers of his divine nature. The finale at the last trumpet. The finished work when we are like him.

The Kingdom and Eternity