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Here is a report on what has been going on in Loreto during our time here in Wyoming. I will begin by telling you about a brother by the name of Juan Jose from the neighboring town of Crisostomos. He was one of the elders in Loreto when we first named elders over 15 years ago. Because of problems in his family he resigned as an elder and because of these same problems eventually left the church (after a few years). Last fall he and his wife returned to the congregation along with his oldest daughter and her recently saved husband. Their other married daughter had been meeting with us for yours and their single son had been coming for about a year. Juan Jose has always been active in witnessing of Christ and we had spent much time together in the work of the Lord in different villages and towns nearby. His work takes him to stores in many remote villages within an hour drive of Loreto. This last Feb. We once again were working together visiting a brother in a remote ranch. He told me of a small group of new believers that he had found in a remote village called Las Granadas (the pomegranates). They had a pastor from Guadalajara visit them, at best, once a month. Juan Jose had the desire to visit them regularly to minister the Word to them, but wanted to talk with the pastor first to so as to not cause any problems between them and the pastor. When we left in April he still had not contacted the pastor and was seeing these believers only briefly when he delivered to the store once a week.

Shortly thereafter he made contact was able to start having weekly studies with them. This village is about an hour away from Loreto and the group is all from one family and are about 10 in number. Juan Jose goes there on Thursday evenings along with another brother from Crisostomos, Manuel. I have written about him before as I had studies with him for 2 about years. He is a single father of 2 saved out of drug and alcohol addiction. He has always wanted to be involved in the work of the Lord, so this is really good news. Besides their visit with them during the week Juan Jose takes a group of young people from Loreto on Sunday evenings. Feilynn takes her guitar and they praise the Lord together in song and have some time in the Word. About 5 or 6 young people are involved 2ith this ministry, which is very encouraging to Faith & I. These same young people also are going out to Tepetate on Fridays to participate in the ministry there. There are other good things going on in Loreto, but this is what I wanted to share with you. We are so thankful to the God for bringing Juan Jose and whole family back to us and to see him involved in the work of the Lord. He finds no fulfillment in his work and desires to be used of the Lord to proclaim Christ. Just a note about his daughter, Yesenia, and husband, Jose. Faith and I had the privilege of discipling them until we left and now Marcial from Aguascalientes is continuing that. Thank you for your prayers and I hope this small report will cause you to bless the Lord.

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