Ball, Mike, Faith and Family

~ Serving in Loreto, Zacatecas ~


Ball Family

Dear brothers in Christ,

As you probably know, our plans to go to Ecuador fell through since there were so many visitors already with Jesse. Instead of leaving the 14th (of November) for Ecuador, we left the 15th for Zapotitlan, Puebla. We spent only a week there with the brethren as we had Lupita and Feilynn with us, and they had to get back to work. We were able to spend quality time with each of the brethren anyway. Since our return from there I have been busy with several studies a week. One of them is with a young man who had given his life to the Lord just before we got here in October. His name is Efrain. One of the families in the church has been witnessing to him for several years as he was interested in their daughter. He was finally converted on his own when he was by himself, and the Lord broke him; and he repented. I have been having discipleship studies with him since. He is faithful to read all the homework that I give from the Bible and more. He shared his testimony this last Sunday.

Faith and I also have a discipleship study every Saturday with youngish lady and her mom with whom I had one study last spring. They came to the Lord and were baptized this last summer. She comes from a pretty rough background. Her name is Erica, and her mom is Emma. I also have a study every Wednesday with Hector who is the 21-year-old son of Neto, one of the long-time brothers in the church. He asked me last spring to disciple him even though he is quite mature spiritually for his age. I also go out to Tierra Blanca once a week to have a study with a young man, Cristian, (sometimes his parents) who have been in the church for several years. The studies are mostly aimed at him who until recently has shown very little interest in the Lord and His Word. These studies are going quite well. I think they have been quite a help for him in his walk in the Lord and also an encouragement to his parents. They live in a very rough town with a lot of drug related violence, and they might be the only true believers in the town. Four young women were shot and killed just last Sunday. The violence here in Loreto is quite bad also, but their town is a lot smaller; and they seem to be surrounded by it. They are surely being tested in their faith. We also go out to another community called Tepetate every Friday. We have been doing this for several years now. There are two solid families there, and we have a regular meeting with them where Feilynn plays the guitar. Usually, two or three young people go with us, and sometimes another family from Loreto go. This year I have asked the two men, Pedro and Fernando, to share the Word. That has been going well. Next week Faith and I are to restart studies with a woman who has had a few studies with us and Manolo last spring and summer but has never made a definite decision for the Lord. Her name is Fatima.

I also have a study with another young man (Cesar) on Tuesdays. He also came to know the Lord this last summer and was baptized. He finds it hard to be faithful in attendance because of a very full schedule with schooling and work. But he is interested and finds time for the Bible studies.

Viana is enjoying her last year of enjoying friendships here since she plans to get a job next summer and not accompany us to Mexico.

A daughter of one of the long-time members of the church (Juan Jose) and her husband have asked for Bible studies as well, so we go there Tuesday mornings. Her name is Yesenia and husband Jose. He is fairly new in the Lord while she has known the Lord since childhood.

Faith keeps busy with homeschooling (only Ethan now) and also times for prayer once a week with two ladies who live nearby. She got to make a quick trip to Wyoming last week to visit Borden and Virginia and meet the new granddaughter, Felicity (born January 12). She joins Esther (5), Matthias (3) and Thaddeus (2, soon).

Well this pretty much covers what we are doing right now. May the Lord bless you all.

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