Barnard, Jesse and Tess

~ Serving in Ecuador; South America ~

Barnard Family

Hello everyone! 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers since our last update! God used my swollen lymph node to force us into a season of rest that we didn’t realize how much we needed. I was in so much pain that I finally went to the emergency room. The only thing they could do was prescribe rest and give me steroids to open my airway that was starting to get closed off from the swelling. The Booher’s kindly took Lyda and her mom into their home, took responsibility for the discipleship of Simon and Annie, and also provided meals and care for us during this time of prescribed rest. I won’t forget Carla rubbing my feet, making hot compresses for me and praying for me in the Emergency room, Clara cooking and cleaning the bathroom (a true labor of love!), and Ruth spending all day with me serving me. They all went above and beyond. 

Family in front of house

Since my recovery, we have been learning to just calm down a bit for now and not run around like crazy. God has been using this time to really help our kids feel secure, learn to enjoy just being a family, go on walks, take picnics, and actually have a few evenings to ourselves for Jesse to lay on the floor and wrestle with our boys. This last month and a half has been one of the most joyful seasons of my life. We are so grateful that the Lord cares so much for the well being of our family. 

God also cares so much for the purity of His work and for our own souls. He has been revealing areas in our hearts that need dealt with. Pride, hurts, fears, doubts. He is doing some deep surgery on our hearts and we are thankful. He’s healing us and delivering us. He’s so good. 

Simon and Nanki
Simon and Nanki’s wedding

Simon and Annie were married April 1st. It was a sweet, and simple ceremony. Simon has such a heart to preach the gospel so he boldly shared his testimony to all their family that was there. We continue to spend time with them when we can and they seem to be really continuing on in Christ and doing well in their marriage. 

Nanki continues to bless us with his heart for God. He really prays to seek God’s will in each decision. He traveled again to share the gospel with his extended family and returned encouraged though only one or two people had the desire to hear. 

Felix and Sylvia and their four children as well as Lyda came out to visit us a couple weeks ago. They were starving for fellowship since they are so spiritually alone there in Toñampari. We have felt so sad to be apart from them, and were really blessed to see the measure they took to travel out here to be with brothers in Christ. They are really struggling in their marriage and that affects everything else in their lives. They have a lot of hurts that have never been worked through and healed and therefore there’s a lot of bitterness and wrong reactions to each other. It is so encouraging to us that they actually shared these things with us and want to grow in this area. That is not a typical indigenous thing to do! More witness of the Spirit of God in them. They hope to come out again to get more discipleship and some teachings from Myles and Jesse, Lord willing the 23rd of May. Simon and Annie and Nanki also want to attend the teachings if that works out.

Titus working
Titus working

Jesse just got back from a trip in the jungle with another missionary friend. They went to some Shuar villages on the border of Ecuador. Jesse was very blessed by the Lord on that trip and came back with renewed vision, and vigor. Though I was totally in agreement that he go on this trip, I will be honest, I had some very dark spiritual days while he was gone. The Enemy came at me hard and I fell very easily. God really used it though to show me how weak I am in the area of spiritual warfare. 

Jesse’s parents come to visit to meet Kirsten end of May and after that we are praying about going back into the jungle if the Lord allows. 

Nanki and Warren
Nanki and Warren

Thank you for caring about us enough to read this and to pray. Please pray specifically for:

  1. Continued blessing on the growth of our marriage and parenting.
  2. For Simon and Annie to continue to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Him, and for God to protect their marriage. 
  3. Leading for Nanki as He seeks to do God’s will. 
  4. For Felix and Sylvia’s marriage. For humility to confess their faults one to another and pray for one another that they may be healed. 
  5. A blessing of the Spirit on the upcoming teaching with the two couples and Nanki. 
  6. Growth for me in the area of spiritual warfare, so that I may be able to stand in the days of temptation and attack. 

May God keep your hearts in His perfect peace, 

Jess, Tess and kiddos