Booher, Myles and Mary

~ Serving in Ecuador; South America ~

Myles, Mary, Linnea Booher

Dear saints and loved ones,

It has been an exciting and eventful month since we last wrote. 

On the 1st of April we were happy to participate in the wedding of Simon and Anny. The Lord laid strongly on Rudi and Carla’s hearts that Simon and Anny separate for a time to obey the Scripture in fleeing fornication, to which the rest of us agreed. Simon and Anny willingly complied when this was brought up to them; and they separated for two weeks, Anny living with the Boohers. The wedding was simple and beautiful, and much of their families attended. Simon shared his testimony; and it was really encouraging to see his boldness in preaching the gospel, mostly to his own family. They seem to be doing well and growing in the Lord and in their marriage.

Other than that, we mostly took long walks trying to convince our baby to come…at least that’s what it seemed like. 😉 Myles built a beautiful rocking chair in the maintenance shop here that he got permission to use.

A week before the due date, our dear friend and midwife, Hannah Nibler, unexpectedly found herself available to come down and deliver our baby, as all her mamas in the States had delivered. She flew here the next day and was able to stay for three weeks. On April 18th, after 31 hours of hard labor, our precious daughter Linnea Marie Booher was born. After such a difficult birth, including a three-hour hospital visit in the middle of the labor, Mary’s prayer was thanksgiving to the Lord for delivering her. Thank you for praying over the birth. Hannah was a tremendous coach and support during her whole stay. We don’t know what we would have done without her. 

What an overwhelming blessing and miracle it is becoming parents together of such a precious little soul! We tell each other frequently that God didn’t have to give us such a beautiful one! Today we went to church for the first time with Linnea, and everyone doted over the white newborn. Mary is gaining strength, and Myles has been at home helping her and little cute Linnea.

Simon and Anny
Simon and Anny

Myles is planning to begin Bible studies/ teaching with Simon and Anny, Nanki, and Felix, though he and his family live in the jungle. There is a need for basic Bible teaching and discipleship, and it’s on Myles’s heart to do so.

In response to our last email, Myles and Jesse did not end up going into the jungle.
Prayer requests:

  • Wisdom and guidance for Myles in beginning personal discipleship with the above mentioned 
  • That both of us, especially Mary, will begin to feel more integrated here
  • What church to join long term here in Shell, as we’ve visited two 
  • For Jesse, as he goes on a trip into the Peruvian jungle with a missionary friend named Josuel for five days 

Thank you all for your strong backing; we feel very supported and loved. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Love, Myles, Mary, and our little Linnea flower 🙂