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~ Separated to the work in Ecuador, South America ~

Booher Family

Hello All,

Writing updates and sending them has proven to be harder than I thought it was going to be! Life goes by so fast and there is always so much I want to tell. Instead of typing a quick email, I think it has to be an update on EVERYTHING, which is impossible, so I just procrastinate and don’t write at all!!

The first thing that is worth reporting is that there are epic storms here. I am talking, lightning right around our house and then the corresponding thunder cracking LOUDLY right on top of our house immediately. It chills out by moving away from our house, all the while lightning is flashing from all sides and thunder isn’t quite as intense, but well within hearing distance! One storm we had continued in this manner for FIVE HOURS till two a.m. The water coming down was torrential for at least three of those hours. I guess it really was an extra big storm, because part of the bridge between Shell and Puyo (the “big city” close by) washed out. It can be a bit unnerving when the lightning strikes so close you can hear the sizzle, but overall it is pretty amazing to see God’s mighty power on display. 

We have been settling in quite well. Getting into routines, such as cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling, is quite stabilizing no matter where I move. I think I may have some kind of attachment or moving disorder, as I have moved and set up so many houses since Rudi and I were married 27 years ago! I think we counted that we have moved somewhere in the area of twenty-six times. For not being a military family, that is quite a lot! My younger sister has reminded me that when we were growing up I was always the one that wanted to change our room around and put the furniture and decorations in different spots. I guess God was preparing me for lots of change in the future, since I never moved once before we got married, neither had Rudi for that matter!!

Rudi has already found a spot where he wants to open a coffee shop. It is located centrally on a busy corner, downtown Shell. The first walk Rudi and I took around town we noticed a little sign that said that the business was for sale. It is currently a homegoods/grocery store with a section that has office/school supply. It has been a successful business for twenty-five years and is owned by a couple in their sixties that would like to retire closer to Quito. It has a house above the store that we would also like to rent for hospitality and for having Bible classes. Rudi has put a “down payment” on the business and once our visa paperwork is done he is planning on moving forward with starting the coffee shop/bakery in this location. 

Speaking of visa paperwork, toward the beginning of December we found out that we had to get fingerprinted and get background checks to start our visa process. This is something we should have done BEFORE moving here, but better late than never. With Tess due to have her baby around the first of the new year (this year!), we all agreed that we should get up to the States and get it done ASAP. Since we had to make the trip we decided on the Saturday morning of the 10th of December to purchase flights for THAT afternoon to fly to Los Angeles from Quito. God worked out all the details and Rudi, Clancy, Clara, and I got into LAX at 11:19 P.M. that night. We sent an email to Rudi’s sister, Meriwyn and her husband, Eric and asked if they could pick us up. What a joy to see Eric’s face at the airport, as we hadn’t been able to confirm that they had even gotten our email sent from our layover in Panama! The reason we hurried and got up to L.A. Saturday was because our nephew was getting married on Sunday afternoon in the L.A. area and we wanted to make it to the wedding. It was an epic surprise and with myself being there, all eight of us siblings were present at the wedding!

We had a long and eventful trip which included a day spent in Downtown L.A. going to the Ecuadorian Consulate, Bolivian Consulate, and State Secretary building, a road trip up to Wyoming from L.A., getting all four of us fingerprinted twice and submitting them to where they needed to go to be apostilled, moving totally out of our mobile home in Powell, cleaning the mobile home, and getting it totally ready to rent, helping Emily with selling and caring for her puppies, unfreezing frozen pipes, getting an international drivers license for Rudi, and a few other things I forgot… We ended up staying longer than anticipated and finally were able to fly home on Christmas Day. We have never left any of our children (still at home!) for longer than five days, so they were ever so glad to see us and we them!! It was a very accomplishing and important trip and we were so glad for all the people who made it possible for us to do it. It felt so good to be home in 75 degree weather after experiencing -35 degree weather in Wyoming!

I am going to sign off and send this and continue this saga in another email!! Sorry for being so ridiculously long in sending out an update. Hopefully, the next will be sooner!!

With love, Carla for the Rudi Boohers