Booher, Rudi, Carla and Family

~ Separated to the work in Ecuador, South America ~

Booher Family

Hello Friends and Family,

We have some pretty exciting news in this update… Last week on the 4th our second grandchild, a BOY was born! His name is Philip Courage and his birth was a lot easier on his mama, which was a big answer to prayer! We, of course, think he is the cutest and smartest boy ever, but you know grandparents are pretty biased! I (Carla) wasn’t able to be at his birth, as we were still up in the States, but flew down with Paula on the day he was born to be able to help with Mary’s recovery and such. What a privilege to be able to serve my family in this way! 

Carla and baby

Rudi along with Clara, Ruth, David, Adriana, and Peter all arrived in Shell in the early hours of Sunday morning, thus completing our giant trip to the U.S.! We were able to put in a new driveway on our property in Wyoming that we are subdividing, thanks to Clancy’s expertise!! I am attaching a picture of our three girls with the Northern Lights behind them in Big Sky, MT! We drove an estimated 7,000 miles on our road trip out to Oregon and back to Kentucky. Our children became U.S. citizens and were able to get their U.S. passports in Denver, CO. We feel super accomplished and THANKFUL beyond measure for all the answered prayers. 

This brings us to our next announcement… Our family will be moving, Lord willing, to Northern Idaho sometime in late July. Rudi has been offered a job working for his younger brother Gabe at Terre Coffee. We are currently looking at securing a rental house in the Coeur D’ Alene area, so if anyone knows of a large home for rent, be sure to let us know! What we set out to do in coming to Ecuador has been accomplished. We are thankful for our time here in Ecuador and we will miss many things about being here, but are excited for the next adventure! Thank you all for praying for our family and being along for the journey! 

Okay, so I know everyone is going to ask, “But what about the coffee shop you started?” Well, there are some options as to what happens with that and we will let you know when something is decided. Rudi feels like having the vision to open the coffee shop and working on getting it going is what kept him sane this past year. So even if we opened it just for therapy for him it would have been worth it!!

I will end with a quick update on Kirsten Barnard. She is at home here in Shell with her family in stable, but very delicate condition. It is a lot of work for Jesse and Tess to give her the round the clock special care she needs. Please continue to pray for them.

God bless you all,
Carla for the Rudi Boohers