Enns, Ed and Patty

~ Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso; Discipleship; Conference speaker ~

Ed and Patty Enns

Ed Enns,
Ivory Coast, Africa.

I (Ed) am presently on a train heading to my home country of Canada. My first stop will be at the Skiles where I’ll be sharing in their fellowship this coming Sunday. In Canada I’ll be visiting relatives, old friends and supporters. This trip will take up the month of March. Last we attended our home church’s missions conference.

We are looking to move to Florida in May if we get all our ducks lined up in time. After that I’ll apply for more visas for West Africa pending a return and continued teaching ministry amongst the teaching Elders of several fellowships scattered over three West African countries.

When I left Cote D’Ivoire a couple of months ago I had had several Bible teaching conferences with those aforementioned teaching Elders. They are all very hungry to learn more of the word of God and then teach their own fellowships. They are all very evangelistic as well and are spreading the gospel in their respective areas.

So His truth marches on and it’s a great privilege to be a part of it.