Enns, Ed and Patty

~ Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso; Discipleship; Conference speaker ~

Ed and Patty Enns

Ed Enns Report for Fall 2023 Update

Here is an update on myself.

I continue to minister in West Africa having spent 6 months there earlier in the year passing time in Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana.

Following the example of 2 Timothy 2:2. I am teaching faithful men in up to 7 different assemblies that are scattered about in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and Togo. I am able to this in three different languages by the grace of God.

The men I teach are for the most part teaching Elders in their respective assemblies enabling me to multiply my efforts through them. The immediate goal is to see them and the people that they teach to be established on sound doctrine based on a better understanding of the full revelation of God contained in the scriptures. I begin with a seminar of between 30-35 hours which gives a basic understanding of the eternal plan of God. Then the next phase would be to give overviews of the books of Romans and Ephesians followed by Galatians etc.

So depending on the particular group as to what stage of understanding they have I proceed from there sometimes having to backtrack if someone is lagging behind.

I plan to head back to Cote D’Ivoire on September 9 until the years end in order to continue the process going forth.

His truth is marching on via fragile earthen vessels.

Not to the swift is the race but to the faithful is victory promised through grace