Enns, Ed and Patty

~ Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso; Discipleship; Conference speaker ~

Ed and Patty Enns

Ed and Patty have been with SFMI now for about seven years. Previously, they were members of New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360) for about 26 years. They met at a Torchbearers Bible School located at Estes Park, Colorado in 1974; and they would go on to serve the LORD individually in Israel as part of a mission work going on there by the name of Project Kibbutz. It was there that they believed that the LORD was bringing them together, and Ed proposed to Patty. That was now 40 years ago.

Ed and Patty entered into training with New Tribes Mission; and subsequently they were placed in Ivory Coast, West Africa where they were involved in opening up a new field. After taking a year’s course in French, they found themselves living and working among the unreached language group named Komono. The Komono people are 100 percent Muslims, but there have been some who have converted and accepted Christ. There is a small church building in the village of Tougbo now, and the Lord has raised up a couple of strong believers who are faithfully carrying on the work of the Lord among their own people. Ed continues to travel twice a year to the Komono to bring teaching and various limited physical help.

Ed also has ministry in four West African countries working with key leaders in a total of four languages.

Both Ed and Patty were challenged into missions before they were married as they were exposed to their understanding of the Great Commission. They have two children: one who is married and has been serving the LORD in China for 12 years now and a son who likewise is serving His Lord in Madagascar. It has been an adventure in faith for Ed and Patty where He has proved Himself to be faithful each step of the way by His grace.