Fontanez, Daniel, Mari and Family

Fontanez Family

~ Making disciples in the city of Maguey, Jalisco Mexico ~

The Church is Growing

Some will remember praying for Yesi. She lives at Rancho El Venado, ten minutes from Tototlán. She has 3 sons, and according to the last report we sent, her husband (Carlos) was in a rehabilitation center. During the time that Carlos was in rehabilitation, we baptized Yesi and her walk with the Lord is of great encouragement for the church here. One of Yesi’s greatest fears was that when time came for her husband to leave rehab, he would completely oppose her faith in Christ, suspend the Bible study in her house and prevent her from attending the Sunday meeting. We prayed for this for months and the Lord has worked. Carlos and Yesi have been attending the Sunday meeting together for several months; they also bring one or two of their children to the meeting with them. We rejoice in this but there is still more to do. Carlos has not made a public profession of faith in Christ yet. Let us continue to pray that God would save him and his three children also.

There have also been others that the Lord has added to the church. We thank God for Manuel whom God has freed from sin and addictions. We thank God for the Griffith family (Charley, Miryam, Michelle and Cooper) whom the Lord has also added and whom Mari and I are discipling closely. We thank God for the Aguilera family (Carlos, Rosy, Camila, Lia and Carolina) whom the Lord brought from Mérida Yucatán to our congregation. Miguel and Joselyne are taking time with them to disciple them and they have already expressed a desire to be baptized. Also since our last report Alexis married a German young lady named Jeannine Ludwig. We rejoice that their plans are to continue living and serving in Tototlán until the Lord says. Brother Gustavo and sister Perla also got married and have a baby on the way. The Lord is making us grow.

Even in the surrounding villages we have seen that the Lord is making us grow. The Lord has added José (nicknamed Maga) to the Bible study in San Isidro. Seeing a grown man added to Bible study attended primarily by women is truly a work of God. The Lord has also opened doors at the Nuevo Refugio village. There Miguel and Alexis have taken charge and have seen how the Lord is attracting young people and adults to the preaching of the Word. They need to rent a place to do the study, so help us pray for this.

Because of these blessings the Tototlán Bible Church is in need of a larger place to meet. We have already bought several more chairs, but now what we need is more space to put more chairs in. Let us pray that God will provide us with a larger and more suitable place to meet.

Bible Study with the Men

For some time now I have had it in my heart to gather the men of the church to study the Bible together. My purpose is that we be built up to lead our families well, serve the church faithfully and have good friendships with each other. Men strong in faith will produce a church strong in faith. The biggest challenge has been finding the right day and time to have this study. Carry this project in prayer so that God guides and blesses us.

Evangelism Planned for June

Please be praying for an evangelistic event that we will be doing with the collaboration of Come Alive Church in the last week of June. My brother Eliezer Fontánez leads Come Alive Church in Indiana and it will be the first time that we will collaborate with them. The plan is ambitious. We want to hold a dinner for Christian and non-Christian couples, in order to strengthen marriages and proclaim the gospel to unbelievers. We also want to do a four day VBS. During one or two of the VBS days we also want to offer medical service along with an emphasis on spiritual health. Pray that the preparations and events themselves would be done with excellence as unto the Lord and that the proclamation of the gospel would be clear and convicting. Pray also that the Lord would grant us everlasting fruit to His glory.