Robert Edwards, Board Member

Robert Edwards

I grew up in a typical evangelical Christian household.

At around 8 years old I recall asking God to save me. I didn’t have a full understanding of what that meant, but I was scared of hell and judgement. I believe that at that point my life’s trajectory shifted, God continued working in my life.

As someone who believed at a young age and grew up in a believing household my testimony is more about what God has done in my life. I had a sincerity about spiritual things, a desire to do something I didn’t know precisely what. I even would say I fell into a complacent life and I didn’t have a good grasp of spiritual truth.

I grew up as a someone who wasn’t very rebellious, but this lead to thinking that I was a superior moral person. Even into my 20s I had a false sense of reality as a believer. I deceived myself and others that I was a good person, better than I really was. Perhaps in the eyes of the world I wasn’t really bad, but I offended a holy and righteous God. But, God worked in me through the process of sanctification, an understanding that I indeed was desperate need of a savior. Through circumstances of life I realized that. Again, I was a Christian, to be clear I didn’t get saved a second time. Through this I began to love the gospel more than I ever had before, I didn’t deserve this amazing grace that God gave me.

God chose me before the foundation of the world and has been working in me conformity to the image of his Son Jesus.

I am grateful for this incredible gift. My desire is to glorify God, to magnify him.