Skiles, Jerry and Sharon

Jerry and Sharon Skiles

~ Itinerant ministry worldwide; Discipleship; Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso ~

Jerry Skiles,
Ivory Coast.

Almost all of the folks in the Loron and Loma Churches are farmers and grow their own food. Last year’s rains were very bad, and the food for the Christians and non-Christians was minimal. People in the villages died due to the famine, but I did not hear of any Christians dying due to the famine. The Christians may not have died due to the famine, but they suffered as they lived in communities of pain and death. In September the corn was harvested, and that gave relief; and as I talked to them over the months since then, there was concern as the late rains were not coming. Then they came. Farmers are rarely optimistic until the harvest is gathered, but they are relieved that a huge hurdle has been crossed as they prepare for their harvest in December.

There is a concern that I hear often as I visit with the people on the phone that there are so many refugees coming into the area. The strangers bring their cattle and use the limited water supplies. The strangers are becoming a majority, and the fear is the local people become a minority.

I rejoice that the Lord has solutions to all of the troubles they face and that we face. He is always Faithful and Gracious in the face of our problems.

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