Stangel, Frank

~Frank has just been added to the team of missionaries who are served by the Shield of Faith. We welcome him aboard and ask you to pray for his ministry as he goes forward in faith.~

Frank Stangel

Frank grew up in the northwestern United States and into a family that began to follow Jesus but went astray. He wanted to follow God at an early age, but through difficulties in life he wandered away for a time. During that time, he met his wife Virginia, who lived in Spokane; and they were married in 1989. After their first daughter Emily was born in 1997, God began to convict Frank of his waywardness. Frank was twenty-eight at the time, and through a process of years the Lord brought him into His wonderful salvation. He was baptized a few years later in 2003. As the journey continued, they were blessed with another daughter, Tiffany, in 2001 and Sydney in 2005.

They attended a fairly modern Christian church for the first few years following conversion until they met Brother Dick York at a small missionary seminar in 2008. God had already placed the desire for discipleship in Frank’s heart, and so meeting Brother York just set a direction in Frank’s life. He applied to attend the 2009 SFMI training program and was accepted. They were involved with many things at the time and, with God’s direction, were able to leave the Spokane area and attend the training. They did not intend to return.

Upon finishing the training program, they did return to the Spokane area. In 2011, Frank was invited to be on the Shield of Faith Mission board where he has served since 2013. He has traveled with the mission to South Korea, Peru, Myanmar, Ukraine and Cameroon to encourage the saints and teach biblical truth. He currently serves with a small fellowship in the Spokane valley and does outreach in colleges, bus plazas and on the streets. He also assists in local Bible studies, speaking at conferences and other fellowships in the area. He teaches at the Shield of Faith Mission training center when able. God has been abundantly faithful to his family in all He has called them to. With the support of Virginia, Frank hopes to continue faithfully proclaiming the truth of Jesus until His return!