Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

~ Separated to the work in Columbia; South America ~

Sullivan Family

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Henry recently sent me a detailed accounting of what’s been transpiring with them over the past month. In this post I have tried to put together a summary of it, for the sake of prayer. Richard.

The Sullivans have moved from Medellin, back to the town of Nuqui, in the coastal region. They have all recovered mostly from sickness that went through the family, except that Grace is still affected by a sinus infection. She is also dealing with issues relating to her pregnancy, and so we ask prayer for her. God has provided for a good doctor and other resources that may be needed for whatever medical care she may need throughout her pregnancy. Eleasah Mauck has been with them and has been a wonderful help to them through this time of sickness and transition.

They were able to move into what is known locally as a condominium. Henry has had to do a lot of repairs on the place. They are not sure how long they will be able to stay in this place and the uncertainty of that is weighing on their minds. Other options haven’t panned out, so the need for permanent housing is a matter for prayer. They have been told that most likely they will have to buy land and build, in order to have something permanent.

As far as visas go, all of them have now been approved. There is a process whereby they must register their visas and then obtain Colombian ID cards. This will require them to travel back to one of the major cities, and will mean having to stay for a certain amount of days between each transaction. They will also have medical checkups for Grace and dental work for the boys thrown into the mix; so you can see, they will be living out of suitcases for some time. Eleasah will be traveling back to the States on January 9th, and so they plan to come out to Medellin with her at that time. We need to pray about this as well.

Henry has a desire to rent a building somewhere accessible to the town, where he can establish a “Bible house.” It would be a place to receive and minister to visitors who come from the outlying communities. He has made some connections with brethren who are ministering to the indigenous peoples, and there are some opportunities on the horizon. Some of the brethren have mentioned the possibility of putting together a radio broadcast. I mention these things, so that you can be praying for God’s leading and for the propagation of the gospel.