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  • Torry Rockwood, Treasurer

    Torry Rockwood, Treasurer

    Torry shares his testimony in the video.

  • Frank Stangel, Vice-President

    Frank Stangel, Vice-President

    My name is Frank Stangel. I am married to my lovely wife, Virginia, and we have three daughters. I grew up in a home that believed that God was the God of the Bible, but alcohol was the lifestyle of our father. It was a turbulent life with abuses and constant moving from place to…

  • Richard McDaniel, President

    Richard McDaniel, President

    Life began in Japan for me, as my parents were missionaries. As a child, I was raised in the Scriptures through my home, the ministry, and Christian school. Throughout my youth, I had a desire to serve God, and I requested baptism at age 13. From there things began to go downhill. My teenage years…

  • Dick York, Founder of Shield Of Faith Mission International

    Dick York, Founder of Shield Of Faith Mission International

    Most things that happened 58 years ago have faded into the twilight of the distant past––but not all. Some are too directly connected to the future. One thing that remains as vivid today as when it happened on December 1, 1950 is my experience of being born the second time. The first time, I was…