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  • Booher, Myles and Mary

    Booher, Myles and Mary

    ~ Serving in Ecuador; South America ~ Dear Brethren and Family, A big hello from Ecuador! This first newsletter from our new little family in this new place represents a lot of big changes for us. After all the time and effort it has taken to move our new little household, we feel relieved to […]

  • Booher, Myles and Mary

    Booher, Myles and Mary

    ~ Serving in Ecuador, South America ~ Since I was about 16 years old, my greatest desire has been to take the gospel where it is least known. However, I did not want to go unless God sent me. I began to consider a specific area in Ecuador that the Lord brought to my attention […]

  • Barnard, Jesse and Tess

    Barnard, Jesse and Tess

    ~ Serving in Ecuador; South America ~ Hello everyone! I keep waiting till I have time to write a proper update…. But that time just never comes so I will try to do a quick overview so you all know how to pray, because we really need it right now!  God has been at work! […]

  • Fontanez, Daniel, Mari and Family

    Fontanez, Daniel, Mari and Family

    ~ Making disciples in the city of Maguey, Jalisco Mexico ~ The Church is Growing Some will remember praying for Yesi. She lives at Rancho El Venado, ten minutes from Tototlán. She has 3 sons, and according to the last report we sent, her husband (Carlos) was in a rehabilitation center. During the time that […]

  • Skiles, Jerry and Sharon

    Skiles, Jerry and Sharon

    ~ Itinerant ministry worldwide; Discipleship; Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso ~ Greetings all, Sharon and I arrived in Abidjan. We will be visiting Ed Enns during our stay here and start our flight home Sunday. We give the Lord glory for allowing us to accomplish the tasks we hoped to do. […]

  • Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

    Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

    ~ Separated to the work in Columbia; South America ~ Dear family in Christ, Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Pe 1:2 January and February have been busy but a fitting conclusion to our time here in the city. After returning to Medellín […]

  • Ball, Mike, Faith and Family

    Ball, Mike, Faith and Family

    ~ Serving in Loreto, Zacatecas ~ BALL BEARINGS Dear brothers in Christ, As you probably know, our plans to go to Ecuador fell through since there were so many visitors already with Jesse. Instead of leaving the 14th (of November) for Ecuador, we left the 15th for Zapotitlan, Puebla. We spent only a week there […]

  • Booher, Rudi, Carla and Family

    Booher, Rudi, Carla and Family

    ~ Separated to the work in Ecuador, South America ~ Hello Saints, We wanted to give you all a quick update on what is going on down here and trust you will share this with the various congregations there in Oregon and Wyoming. It has been a super exciting time, because about two weeks ago […]

  • Darrell Gish, Board Member

    Darrell Gish, Board Member

    I reside in Dallas, OR with my wife June. I was born in Whittier, CA in 1954. My family was part of a small fellowship of believers there. In 1965, we moved to Modesto, CA where my maternal grandparents lived and became part of a larger fellowship of believers. In December 1968, I made a […]

  • Northwest Winter Conference

    Invitation from Believers in Chehalis, WA January 13-16, 2023 [Friday to Monday] Sunset Lake Camp 30811 Quinnon Rd, Wilkeson, WA 98396 Keynote speakers – open meetings – mealtimes – optional breakout sessions – and free-time. For more information Email us at: or call David Sterland (360) 269-6343