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  • Northwest Winter Conference

    Northwest Winter Conference Invitation from Believers in Chehalis, WA January 13-16, 2023 [Friday to Monday] Sunset Lake Camp 30811 Quinnon Rd, Wilkeson, WA 98396 Keynote speakers – open meetings – mealtimes – optional breakout sessions – and free-time. For more information Email us at: or call David Sterland (360) 269-6343

  • Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

    Sullivan, Henry, Grace and Family

    ~ Separated to the work in Columbia; South America ~ In the Spring of 2018 God brought to our attention the spiritual need of people along the coast of Colombia. Eight months later He directed us to go to Colombia ourselves. God’s direction was a significant re-direction for us and He has had many things […]

  • Skiles, Jerry and Cherry

    Skiles, Jerry and Cherry

    ~ Itinerant ministry worldwide; Discipleship; Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso ~ Graduating from High School, I am sure my classmates would have put me close to the bottom of the list of those who would be a missionary. I would have been in full agreement. So, almost 50 years later and […]

  • Ring, Jack

    Ring, Jack

    ~ Serving churches and making disciples in Nigeria and around the world. ~ Born 25 November, 1945, in Salem, Oregon; my father was an evangelist and later a pastor. I was baptized at age nine but did not know Christ. I attended parochial schools through college. I graduated from Walla Walla College in 1967 with […]

  • Montgomery, Steve and Linda

    Montgomery, Steve and Linda

    ~ Establishing churches in the “Circle of Silence” Atotonilco, Jalisco Mexico ~ Steve came to Christ New Year’s Eve of 1969 at 19 years of age. Linda grew up in a Christian home and came to Christ in her childhood. They were married in 1972 and shortly after attended the Shield of Faith Missionary training […]

  • McDaniel, Richard and Julie

    McDaniel, Richard and Julie

    ~ Teaching and preaching in the USA and abroad; Conference speaker; Literature; Instructor and director of the SFMI Training Program ~ Richard grew up in Japan as the son of missionaries. He made a profession of faith as a youngster but did not begin a serious pursuit of the Lord Jesus until he was married […]

  • Marcoux, Francois and Nohemi

    Marcoux, Francois and Nohemi

    ~ Evangelism throughout North America and Mexico ~ Francois grew up partly in Quebec and partly in Ontario, Canada in a Roman Catholic family. In his late teens, two Christians from a student outreach ministry shared the Gospel with him on campus. After six months he gave his life and heart to the Lord in […]

  • Fontanez, Daniel, Mari and Family

    Fontanez, Daniel, Mari and Family

    ~ Making disciples in the city of Maguey, Jalisco Mexico ~ Mari and I are missionaries to Mexico. Mari was born and raised in Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico. She heard and believed the gospel when my family came to Mexico to plant a church 16 years ago. I (Daniel) am from Puerto Rico, raised in northwest […]

  • Enns, Ed and Patty

    Enns, Ed and Patty

    ~ Tribal work in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Burkina Faso; Discipleship; Conference speaker ~ Ed and Patty have been with SFMI now for about seven years. Previously, they were members of New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360) for about 26 years. They met at a Torchbearers Bible School located at Estes Park, Colorado in 1974; […]

  • Barnard, Jesse and Tess

    Barnard, Jesse and Tess

    ~ Serving in Ecuador; South America ~ Jesse was born and raised in Wyoming in a godly Christian family. He also grew up attending the Shield of Faith conferences, and since around nine years old he desired to be a missionary as well. When he was sixteen, he heard a specific call to missions, and […]